Licensing Agreement (Individual)

By purchasing this DVD, you agree to the following conditions:

1. The DVD will be used for private screening only.  

2. Public Performance rights are not granted; the DVD may not be exhibited publicly, commercially or theatrically. The DVD may not be exhibited in museum or gallery exhibitions without obtaining additional licenses.  

3. The DVD or any of its contents may not be broadcast, cablecast or webcast in any manner.  

4. The DVD may not be duplicated, copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part.  

5. The DVD may not be rented, licensed or leased to any institution or individual.  

6. The DVD may not be altered or excerpted in any way.  Licensee understands and agrees to the above terms, and agrees to abide by the above conditions. In the event of any breach or default by the Licensee, Licensee agrees to pay additional penalties and license fees.

I Agree.